Established in Gangnam, Emerson Latin is only a two minute walk from Apgujeong Station. Since 2015 students grades 5-12 from Korea, the US, and abroad, from both private and public schools, have been successfully enrolling in our courses and programs.

Socratic Method


Small group classes and private tutorials are conducted in English using the Socratic method of inquiry. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to discover truth and meaning through intelligent discussions. The teacher plays the role of Socrates in asking questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying assumptions.



Classical Liberal Education


We offer a liberal education, cultivating students open-minded and free from dogma and ideology, conscious of their opinions and judgments, reflective of their actions, and aware of their place in the social and natural worlds. Liberally educated, our students are trained to think critically for themselves rather than conform to higher authorities.




We offer a classical education, rooted in the study of Latin, the backbone of Western civilization and the liberal arts. With several Latin programs to choose from, students can find one with a methodology that fits their particular style of learning. They learn to read and enjoy the prose of Cicero, Caesar, and Livy and the poetry of Catullus, Ovid, and Virgil after quickly but efficiently mastering the fundamentals of the language. Courses in all our programs are properly leveled to ensure that students are eligible to compete in a variety of international contests every year and that their efforts culminate in the AP Latin Exam in the shortest time possible.



Greek is offered to students of exceptional will and intelligence, with ample opportunity to showcase their knowledge of the language in international contests every year. Unlike other traditional Greek courses, our program does not presume a previous knowledge of Latin or another inflected language. Modeled after Harvard’s curriculum, we provide a solid introduction to grammar and prepare students to read Homer, Plato, and other Greek authors in the shortest time possible.



‘Trivium’ comes from the Latin word meaning “the place where three roads meet.” For over two millennia, before the spread of progressive education in the twentieth century, the trivium had been a vital part of a child’s classical education. As explained in Plato’s dialogues, it imparts to the students the three liberal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, essential to developing advanced skills in language, thinking, and writing. Our students complete the trivium, and master the art of writing well, before competing in international writing contests.



We critically read and discuss the best that has been thought and said throughout the ages since classical antiquity to the present. We study the most important readings, scientific writings, philosophical arguments, poems, fiction, drama, political theory, pivotal speeches, and sacred texts from the entire range of human intellectual activity from authors as diverse as Homer, Shakespeare, and Newton to Jane Austen, Darwin, and Emerson. The purpose of our classics program is to provide the means of obtaining knowledge of ancient and modern literature essential to a cultivated and well-rounded person.



We tackle the most compelling classic and contemporary readings on the most enduring and abiding questions in philosophy. Intriguing questions regarding morality, politics, religion, knowledge, reality, beauty, truth, meaning, and identity are considered in light of close readings on Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Locke, Kant, Nietzsche, Marx, and many other great thinkers. Discussion and argument are used to teach students the fundamentals of philosophy while also demonstrating that philosophy is a discourse spanning centuries. Our students also read and prepare for philosophy writing contests including the International Philosophy Olympiad.


Academic Excellence

All our programs in Latin and the liberal arts are accelerated and rigorous, preparing students for the finest universities in all academic disciplines. Our students distinguish themselves from other college applicants when the time comes, going above and beyond to take their academic interests to the highest level.