NLVE 2021 Results


Winners of the 2021 National Latin Vocabulary Exam

Kudos to all our students who participated in the 2021 National Latin Vocabulary Exam. This year our students were joined by others at schools from all over the world including Boston Latin, Milton High, Roxbury Latin, Thomas Jefferson High for Science & Technology, and Aula Escola Europea. The following is the breakdown of the awards for the students at Emerson Latin:

World Champion

1st Among Top 5

William Kim

Gold Medal

Summa Cum Laude

William Kim

Kelly Sung

Kyungyoon Suh

Aileen Ryu

Jian Hong

Grace Jeon

Esther Lee

Thomas Oh

Jimmy Lee

Jaye Cho

Elena Lee

Bronze Medal

Magna Cum Laude

Sung Won Cho

Jeongwon Han

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